How To Remedy Improve Your Bad Knee – Nate Wilkins

There can be many reasons why knees are in pain. This can be due to an injury, inflammation due to certain diseases, or it is due to the daily wear and tear. For healthy individuals, on the other hand, who are devoid of any pre-existing conditions, the knee pain or injury can be closely associated with sports or work-related activities, as stated by one of the author sites in the medical discipline.



The safest means to repair and improve a bad knee is through exercise. The challenge, however, is the type of exercise that is beneficial for you. As you search in the net and in the other published journal, swimming is a common suggested to improve the knee condition, with the exception of the butterfly stroke. One down side of this exercise is that swimming is not easily accessible, most especially for people with busy schedules.

Sit and Stand Exercise:

This type of exercise is simple, and it can be performed anywhere – at home or in the office. The aim of this exercise is to improve the mobility of the knee, strengthen the quads and the glutes and the knee. In a sturdy chair, you assume an upright position, with your feet on the floor, lean forward, then lift your bottom and stand up. You can repeat this routine for 10 times or up to 30 times, depending on your capacity. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself by adding some weight as you lift your bottom.

Standing up with one leg:

This is another simple exercise for the knee, yet the impact is beneficial to you. Start by standing up near the wall – this is to support you as you lift your good leg for as long as you can. Initially, you may wobble, but as the routine continues, you can find your strength and your balance. The bad leg is the one that has the force.


The alternating, step-up and down aims to strengthen the quads, knee and reduce the pain. To do this, you need to step up the bad knee followed up the good knee. Bring down the good foot, then the bad foot. Do this without any support from the arm; Do not hold on to the stair railings. You can do the repetition for at least three minutes or 10 to 30 times, twice a day.

Many knee exercises are available online, but be careful in choosing what kind of routine you want to follow because other knee exercises may not be for you. Think of a knee exercise that can do more good than harm to you. Finally, do not forget to replenish your lost fluids by drinking water and then rest.






How To Remedy Improve Your Bad Knee – Nate Wilkins

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