Should I exercise even when I don’t feel like it?

Best exercise tipsSometimes you feel like you don’t want to work out. You are tired, and your muscle aches like hell. Should you still go on and exercise. The truth is, consistency in a physical workout is the key to getting the results you want. There will always be days when your body doesn’t want to do it, but you still have to do it. Here are some of the reasons why you still need to exercise even when you don’t feel like it.


Workout makes you feel good
Almost everything good is hard at the start, including virtually every exercise session. Have you had a quarrel with your colleagues or lover and you are looking for something to fill up the worry? Try lifting some weight, and you will soon find yourself feeling jolly good.

Time should not be a problem
one of the reasons why people miss workout routines is because of lack time. They think that every workout time must be between the stipulated standard acceptable time of between 15mins to 30mins. This is not true. If you can afford to spend 15mins how about 4mins. It is better you exercise than to do nothing at all.

Exercise give you more energy
Not exercising your body at the beginning of the day might lead to fatigue throughout the rest of the day, thereby robbing you of the much-needed energy. This happens most often during the cold day, with the fear of living the rest of the day in pains. Working out can help you get more energy and boost your self-confidence for the day.

You are bored, and you know it
Boredom is real, and it can ruin almost everything in your life, including your exercise regimen. If you find yourself super bored, the chances are that you might not want to engage in hardcore exercise that requires more energy and vigor. In this situation, you can escape by switching to another simple exercise like Pilates, Zumba, yoga or walking workouts.

You need to burn calorie
Every day, you eat something that adds to your calorie build up and drive you closer to obesity and overweight. It is important to know that regular exercise is the only way for you to keep these calories out of your system and maintain the body shape you desired. Reminding yourself of this responsibility should be enough to make you fall back in line and workout even when you don’t want to.

Exercise help you sleep better
Even if you are not doing it for weight loss, remember other benefits you get from a regular workout, like better sleep. Exercise helps you relax your muscles and organs, open up your blood vessels and increase your mental alert. Good exercise helps you sleep better at night, and sleep is one of the most significant activities needed to maintain good health.

Should you exercise when you don’t feel like it? Yes, you should. It is a moral duty to keep yourself going and encourage others around you never to allow tiredness rob them of their precious health.

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Should I exercise even when I don’t feel like it?

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