How to get rid of belly fat? Fitness solution for women

Belly fat doesn’t look good at all. Most people who have this issue usually think of surgery as the fastest and easiest way to get rid of this. While this may be true to some extent, it sure comes with consequences, which can sometimes be severe. If you care to know, there are other ways to help you eliminate belly fat, like exercise, diet and changing your eating behavior.


ExerciseHow to get rid of belly fat
Exercising your body is by far the best way to get rid of belly fat without surgery. Regular cardiovascular exercise performed between five to seven days of the week will help you lose fat faster than you know it. You can go for outdoor and indoor training, walking, running, cycling or take part in a fitness class. You also need to know that, for the exercise to have an effect, you must do it at a vigorous intensity during each session. You should also perform resistance exercises like chest press machine, dumbbell shoulder press and calf raise two to three times per week on nonconsecutive days.

To remove belly fat, you need to be careful about what goes into your mouth. Write down everything you eat and drink for three to five days, add your calorie intake and then average it. This will help you know how much you are eating and how you can control it. Using the data available, you can reduce your calorie intake by 10% to 15%. You should also replace processed and fatty food with healthier choices like fruits, vegetables, nuts and chocolate. Sugar is also as bad for you as fat is, if not worse. Develop a habit of consuming healthy beverages, and drink plenty of water for proper dehydration and to discourage you from eating too much.

Go beyond abdominal exercise
One of the mistakes most people who want to remove belly fat make is focusing on abdominal fat. While crunches and sit-ups are nice and can provide results to certain extent, they will not guarantee a flat tummy by any means. Find the right exercise that works for you and practice it as often as you can. Do exercises that burn fat in the upper part of your body as well as every other parts of your body. A full workout gives you better advantage than just focusing on one spot all the time.

Preserve your lean muscle
It is important to preserve your lean muscle because it can help you burn more calories than fat, even when you’re asleep. Go beyond the cardiovascular exercise that causes the loss of lean muscle. Perform strength exercise at least two times a week, making sure you target the major muscle groups. Strength muscle using free weights, weightlifting machines, and your own body are perfect.

Getting rid of belly fat is easy if you have the knowledge, the patience and you’re ready to learn. Alternative methods through exercise, diet control and nutrition provide a better option than surgery which is usually expensive, painful and sometimes precarious.

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How to get rid of belly fat? Fitness solution for women

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