Female Fitness Program for lose ‘Baby Fats’ After Pregnancy by Nathaniel Wilkins

The weight gain during pregnancy is primarily to provide sufficient accommodation of the baby. The fats also provide cushioning and protection of the neonate.  The total weight gain, during this period is roughly 30 pounds for women in their normal weight. At least seven pounds are for the protein, fats and the rest of the needed nutrients for the baby and the mother.

Fitness Exercise For lose Baby Fat

After pregnancy, these “baby fats” remains in the body, with the highest percentage in the lower abdomen where the uterus is located. How to lose the baby fats after pregnancy can be an uphill battle for some, while others find it easy.

Set a goal

Weight management starts with a concrete goal. When you have your priorities straight, working on your body is easier.  Right after pregnancy, your priority is your new role as a mother. This can be overwhelming, especially for a new mom. Postpartum blues may set-in, and your coping mechanism may urge to eat more. This is a normal phase that you have to go through, just don’t go on an official diet yet, but let this stage pass. When you have the full control of your daily activities, start your weight loss goal to get back to your pre-pregnancy body frame.

Breast Feeding                         

Nevertheless, while you are still contemplating on how to actualize your goal, do breastfeeding. According to research, women who breastfed their babies, for at least six months,  significantly lose fats in the triceps area, compared to women who did not breastfeed their babies. (http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/58/2/162.short). Secondly, breastfeeding is healthy for your baby, as it boosts the baby’s immune system.

Start Moving

Depending on the nature of your delivery, you can start walking and start to sweat. Take the exercise a step at a time, until you do the yoga or Pilates.  These two types of exercises are good strengthening routines that can help you get back in shape. As you exercise, you can also do deep diaphragm breathing, then hold it as you inhale. This can trigger muscle contraction, burning the fats away.

Challenge Your Body

Sometimes, the demands of being a mom can overpower your will to get into shape. One approach is to challenge yourself. When you push for your exercise plans, calories are burned, resulting in weight loss.

There are a lot of options for you to get rid of the baby fats right after giving birth, but following each one can be difficult. Start with the basic, and take it one day at a time. You still have an important role to accomplish, and that is to provide care for your baby. Nevertheless, everything begins with the end in the mind.

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Female Fitness Program for lose ‘Baby Fats’ After Pregnancy by Nathaniel Wilkins

Fitness tips for fit and healthy people over 50 do – Nate Wilkins

Fifty is a good age, only if you’re doing the right thing by supplying your body with nutrients and engaging in productive activities. Many people at this age are doing great things, breaking records and winning competitions. You too can live in perfect fitness and health at over 50 years of age if you indulge in these ten things.

Personal Fitness Coach

Weight training

If you want to be fit and healthy at age 50, you need to get involved with weight training. It is good for keeping fit, and it inspires you to do the things you love doing. There is no value in life if you can’t do the things you like doing at age 90 because your body won’t allow you.

You need enough sleep

The older you grow older, the more quality sleep you need. Sleep helps your body to heal, revitalizes hormones and enzymes and provide energy. Throw away your alarm clock, reorganize schedules and get up to nine hours of quality night sleep.

Do cardio exercise

People who want to keep fit above age fifty shouldn’t ignore daily cardio exercise. Giving you heart the necessary regular pump will save you from cardiovascular diseases and side effects. Try getting a dog, so you will have a reason never to miss your exercise.

Reduce salt intake

Your chances of suffering hypertension increase as you grow older, because of the reduction in blood vessel elasticity. Reducing salt intake at age 50 and above will reduce the possibility of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

Workout regularly

Outdoor activities are critical, and can never be substituted for all the indoor or gym time. Get outdoor running, walking, cycling or doing any other activity you like. You should get a training partner to make it easier and to challenge you. Get a little sun.

Avoid processed food as much as you can

Process foods are packed with the chemical that causes harm to your body and reduces your immune defensives against diseases. Go slow on the fast food joint craze and indulge yourself in something fresh and nutrient filled.

Eat natural food

Fruits, vegetables, and foods with fiber should be the primary occupant of your storage and refrigerator. Drink plenty of water, eat fish for good fats and very little meat for iron. You should also consider paying attention to calcium and vitamin D intake.

Avoid stress

You don’t want to be dealing with stress at age 50. It can destroy your immune system, make you lose concentration and drain your energy. Avoid anything that can cause you stress or damage your peace.


Helping others and contributing to society at this age is not only physically beneficial; it is also mentally and physiologically rewarding. Do something that requires applying your talent for the benefit of other people. It is highly satisfying.

Read books and be happy

Get into fantasy, read about romance and improve your knowledge on medieval and contemporary history. Read a book – at least one every month, to keep your brain engaged and your mind active. Share ideas with others, and play board games and puzzles.

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Fitness tips for fit and healthy people over 50 do – Nate Wilkins

How to get rid of belly fat? Fitness solution for women

Belly fat doesn’t look good at all. Most people who have this issue usually think of surgery as the fastest and easiest way to get rid of this. While this may be true to some extent, it sure comes with consequences, which can sometimes be severe. If you care to know, there are other ways to help you eliminate belly fat, like exercise, diet and changing your eating behavior.


ExerciseHow to get rid of belly fat
Exercising your body is by far the best way to get rid of belly fat without surgery. Regular cardiovascular exercise performed between five to seven days of the week will help you lose fat faster than you know it. You can go for outdoor and indoor training, walking, running, cycling or take part in a fitness class. You also need to know that, for the exercise to have an effect, you must do it at a vigorous intensity during each session. You should also perform resistance exercises like chest press machine, dumbbell shoulder press and calf raise two to three times per week on nonconsecutive days.

To remove belly fat, you need to be careful about what goes into your mouth. Write down everything you eat and drink for three to five days, add your calorie intake and then average it. This will help you know how much you are eating and how you can control it. Using the data available, you can reduce your calorie intake by 10% to 15%. You should also replace processed and fatty food with healthier choices like fruits, vegetables, nuts and chocolate. Sugar is also as bad for you as fat is, if not worse. Develop a habit of consuming healthy beverages, and drink plenty of water for proper dehydration and to discourage you from eating too much.

Go beyond abdominal exercise
One of the mistakes most people who want to remove belly fat make is focusing on abdominal fat. While crunches and sit-ups are nice and can provide results to certain extent, they will not guarantee a flat tummy by any means. Find the right exercise that works for you and practice it as often as you can. Do exercises that burn fat in the upper part of your body as well as every other parts of your body. A full workout gives you better advantage than just focusing on one spot all the time.

Preserve your lean muscle
It is important to preserve your lean muscle because it can help you burn more calories than fat, even when you’re asleep. Go beyond the cardiovascular exercise that causes the loss of lean muscle. Perform strength exercise at least two times a week, making sure you target the major muscle groups. Strength muscle using free weights, weightlifting machines, and your own body are perfect.

Getting rid of belly fat is easy if you have the knowledge, the patience and you’re ready to learn. Alternative methods through exercise, diet control and nutrition provide a better option than surgery which is usually expensive, painful and sometimes precarious.

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How to get rid of belly fat? Fitness solution for women

Find a Personal Fitness Coach in Miami

Looking for a fitness coach in Miami can be effective in achieving your fitness goals. Most people prefer hiring a fitness coach who is more passionate, as well as more knowledgeable to help them to work them through the process. Picking the right fitness coach is important, and there are some questions that you need to ask your trainer before the hire.

Personal fitness coach in miamiI know during the last holiday that you make some resolutions about keeping fit, then hiring a fitness coach will go a long way to keep you on track. So how do you go about finding the right personal fitness coach for your need.

One of the most important aspects of finding the perfect fitness coach in Miami is to ensure that he or she is really qualified to carry the job. Many people today call themselves fitness coach, while they have no or little expertise. An experienced fitness coach should have degrees or certifications from accredited associations in fitness or exercise field. He or she must know first aid and CPR. Don’t be scared to ask to see proof of his certification. After all you’re just entrusting your health in someone’s care!

Exercising helps in relieving symptoms of various medical conditions, but as we all know, bad options can exacerbate an existing problem. It is very crucial you inform your prospective fitness coach about your special needs and also ask if he or she have experience working with them. Before you hire a fitness coach in Miami, set a meeting with him, just to study him and his personality. Also make sure that his or her personality compliments yours, so that your partnership can last longer.

Tell your fitness coach any medical condition you are suffering from, so he or she can plan out the best fitness exercise for you.

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Find a Personal Fitness Coach in Miami