Fascia fitness to reduce back and injuries pain!

I’ve heard a lot about fascia fitness can this help me reduce my back and leg injuries from playing tennis and golf?


If you are fascinated with the role of fascia in fitness training to help reduce back and leg pain, the following questions lead to new information:

fascia fitness

  • There are ten times more sensory nerve endings in your fascia than in your muscles; hence, how do we aim proprioceptive stimulation at the fascia as well as the muscles?
  • Majority injuries are connective-tissue (fascia) injuries, not muscular injuries that we are so use to, so how do we excellently train to prevent and repair damage and build resilience and elasticity into the system?
  • Conventional anatomy texts of the muscles and fascia are inexact, based on a fundamental misinterpretation of our movement function—so how can we work with our fascia altogether, as the “organ system of stability”?

Intentionally or unintentionally, you have been working with fascia for your whole movement career—it is inevitable. Now, however, new research is reinforcing the significance of fascia and other connective tissue in functional training.

Research into the fascia fitness upsets both our long-established beliefs and some of our new favorites as well. The evidence all points to a new reflection within overall fitness for life—hence the term fascia fitness.

Most tennis players carry out movements that put a strain on the spine when playing tennis which include movements of stretching the back too much when serving, stopping constantly and starting, as well as vigorous twisting of the spine when executing the blow.

A tennis coach or physiotherapist can show you different warm up exercise that can help reduce stress on your back. For instance:

  • Bending your knees.
  • Keeping your abdominal muscles tense can reduce tension in your spine. Ask about the best ways to serve (pull out) to avoid overextending the lumbar region.

Before playing, always warm up and stretch the muscles of your legs and lower back. Learn exercises that strengthen the trunk muscles deep in the abdomen and pelvis, which support the spine.

As a golf player, golf swing requires vigorous rotation of the spine, and this puts a strain on muscles, ligaments, joints and spinal discs.

Suggestions to remove tension from your back include:

  • Ask your physical therapist about the most excellent posture and technique for your shot.
  • Warm up and stretch the muscles of your back and upper legs before beginning a round.
  • Crouch with your knees when you pick up the golf ball.
  • When in the field, use a cart to load your golf bag. ‘You can also drive a golf cart.

Here is a quick fascia fitness exercise you can do to help reduce injuries to your back and legs:

Lie face down on a towel with arms out in front of you in a V shape and feet separated. Press into your palms and draw the shoulder blades down and then do it jointly. Bending your elbows in, use your back muscles to glide your body forward and lift your chest.

Doing eight reps will help reduce the pain from injuries sustained from playing golf and tennis.

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Fascia fitness to reduce back and injuries pain!

Learn Top 3 Factors To A Healthier You – Nathaniel Wilkins

The quest to realize a healthy body is one of the most searched and talked topics across all ages. Staying healthy is a multi-disciplinary approach and as such, these elements must hold an equal significance in the wellness scale. These factors are exercise, food and sleep.



The body needs an equal amount of exercise to improve the blood circulation. When the body is active, the mood changes, the person becomes dynamic. According to Mayo Clinic, regular physical activities trigger the brain to stimulate different chemicals that induces a happier and more relaxed feeling. Likewise, exercise can also help boost self-esteem.

Similarly, the most obvious outcome with regular exercise is weight loss. It helps prevent weight gain because constant exercise burns the calories. Further, regular exercise help prevents heart disease condition. Mayo Clinic stressed that physical activities advance the good cholesterol in the body while decreasing the bad cholesterol. It, therefore, prevents the high blood pressure and other fatal conditions that may arise from having high cholesterol.


One simple approach to achieve a healthy body and mind is to eat in moderation. By this, over indulgence in sweets, complex carbohydrates, and fats, means health disaster. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes and other health issues. Eating with a discipline and with a result in mind, prevents overweight, depression, heart attack, metabolic problems and so many health issues.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a known fact to help reduce weight, makes the skin look younger and healthy.


Sleep is a common cycle that all people go through. However, not all can attain a quality sleep. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute website, sleep is one of the contributing factors why the body heals itself. During sleeping, the body heals and repairs the heart and the blood vessels.  It also keeps the immune system healthy.

Sleep deprived individuals have a higher risk for heart, kidney, vascular problem, metabolic and stroke.

To journey towards a robust body and mind is a pure challenge, yet it is achievable. The key here is to reach a balance between the three elements, exercise, food and sleep. These factors are of equal importance and as it should be measured proportionately. The next challenge is in the sustainability part. Keeping all the three elements in balance is difficult because there are so many distractions in all angles.  However, if one has a strong-will to pursue its goal, then the challenge does not impede its success to a healthier mind and body.

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Learn Top 3 Factors To A Healthier You – Nathaniel Wilkins