Help me! I have Paget’s disease what should I do

Paget’s disease is a chronic condition of the bone that results in the disorder of the normal formation of the bone. In normal bone, there is a balance of forces that lay down new bones and take up old bones for maintaining the proper level of calcium in the blood. People who have Paget’s disease have the bone abnormally formed, making it become enlarge, dense, and prone to breakage. The symptoms of Paget’s disease includes itching, pain, sensitivity and bone deformation, etc. So, what can someone in this situation do to help themselves?

Seeking medical care

The first step to fighting Paget’s disease is to go for proper diagnosis. This will help to detect the disease accurately, analyze it and find ways to for a cure. Medical care for Paget’s disease should begin immediately after noticing weakness or change in bowel movement or bladder functions and increasing bone pain or deformities. Physicians and specialists treating Paget’s disease include primary care providers, endocrinologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine doctors and so on. Also, spine surgeons may treat Paget’s disease if spinal surgery is needed.


The process of diagnosing involves many activities including laboratories studies on blood and urine. Laboratory tests that provide information about the rate of bone turnover, like the bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, is carried out. Other laboratory studies that are essentials for proper diagnosis includes assessment of parathyroid hormone levels, calcium, and phosphate. If a fracture or malignment transformation is suspected there may be needs for radiographs to have a detailed information about the impact. In patients with neurological dysfunction and muscle weaknesses, CT Scans and MRI Scans are necessary. The bone scan is highly essential because it helps to determine the level of impact of the disease on the bone by providing a total image of the entire skeleton. A bone biopsy is generally not necessary but will be considered if there is a suspicion of abnormal lesion or cancer involved.

Medical treatment for Paget’s disease

The primary intention of treating Paget’s disease is to find ways to control the disease activities and manage any form of complications. Bone pain can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, while bone deformity will require the application of specialized footwear or heel lifts. In the case of damage joints, fractures, or bones that are severely deformed, surgery may be needed to correct the deformity, after doctors have treated the patients with medications to reduce surgical complications. The use of Intravenous zoledronic acid as a bisphosphonate is very effective in treating the symptoms of Paget’s disease. People whose Paget’s disease has affected their joints usually benefits from muscle strengthening and physical therapy programs.

There are no home remedies for Paget’s disease. Once the symptoms begin to show, it is important for patients to immediately seek medical advice and proceed to have a diagnosis done. If treated on time, Paget’s disease cannot become life threatening. Most people who have it get to live a normal life and get back to their normal daily routines. Affected people are advised to see the doctor throughout their lives due to a small risk of bone tumor formation.

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Help me! I have Paget’s disease what should I do

How Does Blood Sugar Affect The Blood Pressure?

High blood sugar is widespread. Across the globe, millions of people have this chronic condition. According to the WHO 80% of those who died from this condition comes from the low and middle-income family. In the US, according to the CDC’s 2014 reports, there are at least 29 million people diagnosed with diabetes with eight million undiagnosed.

A look at diabetes

Diabetes is caused by the inability of the body to produce insulin or there is an insufficient insulin produced. At the onset, diet modification and exercise are the immediate intervention to avoid the risk of diabetes. Consistency in the change in lifestyle habits, which include the diet and regular exercise lowers the chance of the health risks associated with diabetes.

Further, diabetes is chronic in nature and there is no cure for this condition. These interventions are purely to control the upsurge of sugar in the blood.

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

What does diabetes do with high blood pressure? The two are harmonious because the effects of excessive blood sugar in the body result to damage to the arteries. This can lead to atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries. When the arteries, where the blood flows freely, are compromised, the blood pressure shoots up. This is how the body compensates, in order for the blood, oxygen and the nutrients get to the rest of the organs.

How To Control High Blood Sugar                               

To lower the risk of the possible complication of high blood sugar – like high blood pressure, exercise, diet and living a healthy lifestyle can help control the condition.

Aerobic exercise, is one of the physical activities that can stretch the collagen fibers of the arteries, according to Dr. Kenneth M. Madden, as quoted in the Healthline website. Alternatively, brisk walking for at least 30 minutes a day, makes the heart healthy.

Diet is the core in the sugar control. Carbohydrate intake is one of the factors that can lead to the increase of blood glucose. In this regard,  moderate intake of carbohydrates, is critical to attain a normal level of blood sugar. In addition, fat substitution and eating more whole food, fresh and green vegetables, should be daily, and present in every meal. Eating more fruit, less sodium and by eating smaller meals, but frequent in nature are also good for the heart and for the control of blood sugar.

Diabetes is responsible for many deaths across all ages. Nevertheless, given all the information about this condition and the food choices, exercise and discipline, the statistics, in terms of prevalence, mortality and morbidity are anticipated to go down.

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How Does Blood Sugar Affect The Blood Pressure?

Why eating less sugar/fat foods equals fewer cravings

Your craving is all in the brain; that is why it is hard to fight. People who eat less sugar and fatty food are likely to have fewer cravings because these types of food have the same effects as cocaine on our brain. The more you eat them, the more you want to consume more of it. There are many ways to help you reduce your sugar and fat intake so that your cravings won’t lead to overweight.

Healthy Food

Limit and not denial is the way
It is easy to think that the best way to reduce your cravings is to avoid sugar and fat foods altogether. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not true. Denying yourself all of a sudden will only lead to more worries and pain, and then driving you back to your cravings. The great idea here is to reduce your consumption by half, or the frequency of your consumption. This way, you are denying your body gradually and losing weight.

Don’t let yourself get too hungry
By skipping a meal, you allow your body to want more food and fill up hunger. Then you consume even more sugar and fat foods to compensate for the loss, and then you find yourself overeating. Make sure you never miss your meal, especially breakfast, so that you can have enough energy to carry the day.

Drink water
Sometimes our body mistakes hunger for thirst. If you feel cravings for sugar, try drinking water first and see if you will be satisfied. However, if you still feel hungry after ten minutes, get some snacks. Make sure you go for the healthy snacks like whole grain, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Reduce stress
Research has shown that higher stress levels can increase cravings for sugar and fat foods. Women who don’t get enough sleep, or who go to the supermarket hungry are more prone to increased cravings. Also, stress is known to cause a rise in Cortisol, a hormone that can make you gain weight, especially in the belly. You can reduce stress by practicing meditation twice daily, to help calm your nervous system.

Fill your home with healthy food
There is no wisdom in storing sugar and fat foods in your home when you know you’re fighting to reduce your craving. So rid your cabinets and fridge off junk foods and replace them with healthy foods. If the food is not there and easy to access, there is no way you’re going to fall into the temptation of eating it.

Get enough sleep
Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to fluctuations in appetite hormones, which can cause cravings and appetite control issues. Studies show that people who get enough sleep are less likely to get cravings, compared to those who do not.

Your cravings will be reduced if you limit your access to sugar and fat foods. To reduce cravings naturally, try getting enough sleep, reduce stress, drink water and never go to the supermarket hungry.

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Why eating less sugar/fat foods equals fewer cravings

How Much Exercise is Enough for lose fat/weight

Trying to loss weight yet again? These fitness tips for loss fat/weight will get you to loss the weight and burn those calories in other to reach your goal. Weight loss can be a result of an unhealthy life style. For instance, starvation resulting in mal-nutrition, but these fitness tips for loss fat will enable you loss weight as well as stay healthy.

Fitness Tips for Lose Fat

The first thing you must know is you need to cut down your sugar and starch intake because they stimulate the secretion of insulin which is the main fat storage hormone. When insulin level is down your appetite is reduced and it becomes easier for fat to burn instead of carbohydrates. Eat more protein because, protein has been shown to help metabolism in the body and a healthy fitness tip for loss fat/weight.

In addition to your diet, lifting weights, will help you burn some calories and prevent metabolism damage or from slowing down, which is one side effect of weight loss. If weight lifting is not a good option for you, then do some cardio workouts like running, swimming, jogging or walking. Exercise is a basic fitness tip for loss fat/weight. It enables the body to burn fat and reduce body mass. Exercise for at least five days a week, half hour each of the five days will turn up the burn. While you are at it drink a lot of water, this will boost metabolism and help you eat less calories. With these fitness tips for loss fat/weight you will reach your goal.


How Much Exercise is Enough for lose fat/weight

How a Discomforts are a strong motivating factor to continue the training and exercise?

No one is spared from having discomfort or light to moderate pain after having a regular workout or training. Even the most seasoned athletes and body builders experienced this kind of pain once in their training careers. Are discomforts perceived as a threat or as strength?

A Look at Discomforts:

Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time

For the unconditioned persons, discomforts are perceived as a downtime because of the fear of pain. They fear that the pain is due to torn ligaments or damaged muscles. This occurrence of pain and discomfort, according to WebMd is a common reaction of the body, when there are physical activities.

After the training or physical activities, there is microscopic damage to the muscles which causes the sore. Some people may feel differently and at a different time. The muscle soreness can happen one day after the workout or even up to 48 hours. This is the normal path of the pain.

Most trainers and experts would advise their clients not to stop the physical activity, but to continue doing it. Exercise, although it brings a moderate discomfort, also presents many benefits. Firstly, it improves the circulation. When the body’s temperature is heightened, this is because of the exercises and movements; the blood flow is also improved. Secondly, there is a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the different parts of the body. Finally, with a good workout, it can result in the repair of the damaged tissues.

Remedy of the Discomforts

Despite the bothersome feeling of the discomforts and pain in the body, this should not stop the person from doing what they want. Instead, there is evidence-based remedy to help alleviate the pain. There is the activated heat wrap; there is the RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) method to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Discomforts as Inspiration

It is no wonder why known athletes continue to pursue their sport despite their accidents, because most of them got their strength from the pain that they have gone through. Discomforts are a strong motivating factor to continue the training and exercise, because the feeling of pain assures a person that the body is reacting to the challenge, and that the body is healthy.

Mild to moderate discomforts are feelings, which most people felt when they were training and doing their physical activities. It should not be perceived as a hindrance rather it should be seen as something positive and healthy.


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How a Discomforts are a strong motivating factor to continue the training and exercise?

Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time : Fitness tips expert

Living in a world that is driven by output, productivity, profit oriented, high academic achievement and traffic chaos, one cannot think of spending a quiet time. Why do you need a quiet time? Well, for the most practical reason, it can give you a better perspective; it can help you combat stress and just give you a better head start.

Importance of quiet time:

Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time

Emotional Cleansing – despite your busy schedule, sparing a quality time off to be alone, away from all the distractions, allows you to experience emotional cleansing. According to the Pscyhologytoday website, emotional cleansing enables you to let go of the emotional luggage that you’ve been carrying for some time now. It further stated that our subconscious mind should let go of those experiences. This can be realized in a tranquil environment.

Enhance Mentation – the brain is very complex, but it also needs to rest. A quiet time, according to a study from UCLA as quoted from the Huffington post, stated that regular times that you sit in silence and mentally rest, boost the cortex, thus it helps the brain to process the information quickly. You can do this in your office. Free your schedule for at least ten minutes, and just sit down and relax and visualize a thing that brings you happy thoughts.

Dissipates Anxiety and Stress – in silence, you can compose yourself well, forget all your troubles and think of a better strategy who to address all your anxiety and stress.  Concrete happiness is experienced when you are in silence according to Allan Watts, author of the Wisdom of Insecurity. He stressed that anxiety is rooted in being disconnected, which is rather an illusion.

Improved productivity – the highly competitive world affects the entire workforce and most often these workers experience work-related-burnt out. Some companies have a meditation room for their employees to have a break, meditate and just sit in silence. The result of which is increased productivity because it is during the meditative state that one can think clearly where the mind can cultivate a mindful intention that can motivate one to take action, says Kelly McGonical, Psychologist.

The advantages of having a quiet time to ourselves are abundant. However, for some people, having a time out, means lost business opportunity. Come to think of it, the brain and the body can only take as much, there is a limit to their functions. Our mind and body have to be congruent, and it needs rest, and a tranquil moment to get be recharged.

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Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time : Fitness tips expert

Learn Top 3 Factors To A Healthier You – Nathaniel Wilkins

The quest to realize a healthy body is one of the most searched and talked topics across all ages. Staying healthy is a multi-disciplinary approach and as such, these elements must hold an equal significance in the wellness scale. These factors are exercise, food and sleep.



The body needs an equal amount of exercise to improve the blood circulation. When the body is active, the mood changes, the person becomes dynamic. According to Mayo Clinic, regular physical activities trigger the brain to stimulate different chemicals that induces a happier and more relaxed feeling. Likewise, exercise can also help boost self-esteem.

Similarly, the most obvious outcome with regular exercise is weight loss. It helps prevent weight gain because constant exercise burns the calories. Further, regular exercise help prevents heart disease condition. Mayo Clinic stressed that physical activities advance the good cholesterol in the body while decreasing the bad cholesterol. It, therefore, prevents the high blood pressure and other fatal conditions that may arise from having high cholesterol.


One simple approach to achieve a healthy body and mind is to eat in moderation. By this, over indulgence in sweets, complex carbohydrates, and fats, means health disaster. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes and other health issues. Eating with a discipline and with a result in mind, prevents overweight, depression, heart attack, metabolic problems and so many health issues.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is a known fact to help reduce weight, makes the skin look younger and healthy.


Sleep is a common cycle that all people go through. However, not all can attain a quality sleep. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute website, sleep is one of the contributing factors why the body heals itself. During sleeping, the body heals and repairs the heart and the blood vessels.  It also keeps the immune system healthy.

Sleep deprived individuals have a higher risk for heart, kidney, vascular problem, metabolic and stroke.

To journey towards a robust body and mind is a pure challenge, yet it is achievable. The key here is to reach a balance between the three elements, exercise, food and sleep. These factors are of equal importance and as it should be measured proportionately. The next challenge is in the sustainability part. Keeping all the three elements in balance is difficult because there are so many distractions in all angles.  However, if one has a strong-will to pursue its goal, then the challenge does not impede its success to a healthier mind and body.

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