Help me! I have Paget’s disease what should I do

Paget’s disease is a chronic condition of the bone that results in the disorder of the normal formation of the bone. In normal bone, there is a balance of forces that lay down new bones and take up old bones for maintaining the proper level of calcium in the blood. People who have Paget’s disease have the bone abnormally formed, making it become enlarge, dense, and prone to breakage. The symptoms of Paget’s disease includes itching, pain, sensitivity and bone deformation, etc. So, what can someone in this situation do to help themselves?

Seeking medical care

The first step to fighting Paget’s disease is to go for proper diagnosis. This will help to detect the disease accurately, analyze it and find ways to for a cure. Medical care for Paget’s disease should begin immediately after noticing weakness or change in bowel movement or bladder functions and increasing bone pain or deformities. Physicians and specialists treating Paget’s disease include primary care providers, endocrinologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine doctors and so on. Also, spine surgeons may treat Paget’s disease if spinal surgery is needed.


The process of diagnosing involves many activities including laboratories studies on blood and urine. Laboratory tests that provide information about the rate of bone turnover, like the bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, is carried out. Other laboratory studies that are essentials for proper diagnosis includes assessment of parathyroid hormone levels, calcium, and phosphate. If a fracture or malignment transformation is suspected there may be needs for radiographs to have a detailed information about the impact. In patients with neurological dysfunction and muscle weaknesses, CT Scans and MRI Scans are necessary. The bone scan is highly essential because it helps to determine the level of impact of the disease on the bone by providing a total image of the entire skeleton. A bone biopsy is generally not necessary but will be considered if there is a suspicion of abnormal lesion or cancer involved.

Medical treatment for Paget’s disease

The primary intention of treating Paget’s disease is to find ways to control the disease activities and manage any form of complications. Bone pain can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, while bone deformity will require the application of specialized footwear or heel lifts. In the case of damage joints, fractures, or bones that are severely deformed, surgery may be needed to correct the deformity, after doctors have treated the patients with medications to reduce surgical complications. The use of Intravenous zoledronic acid as a bisphosphonate is very effective in treating the symptoms of Paget’s disease. People whose Paget’s disease has affected their joints usually benefits from muscle strengthening and physical therapy programs.

There are no home remedies for Paget’s disease. Once the symptoms begin to show, it is important for patients to immediately seek medical advice and proceed to have a diagnosis done. If treated on time, Paget’s disease cannot become life threatening. Most people who have it get to live a normal life and get back to their normal daily routines. Affected people are advised to see the doctor throughout their lives due to a small risk of bone tumor formation.

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Help me! I have Paget’s disease what should I do

I am 50 how can I make my booty high and tight?

It is a known fact that when people grow old their body automatically deteriorates. However, it does not mean that people advance in aged cannot have a sexy body if some specific things are done. If you seek a high and tight feminine butt, then you need to be determined. It is not as difficult as it seems and with proper determination it can be achieved in 7-10 weeks.

booty high and tightOne of the main determinant in obtaining a rounder and bigger butt is exercise. There are some specific exercises that target the buttocks that are most effective.

Firstly, it is interesting to know that there some butt exercises that can help you develop a very solid butt in couple of days. The great part of this is that you can do these exercises at home and within a few minutes.

Butt Squeezes

Interestingly, you can do this squeezes anywhere and at any time.  You can do them while sitting, standing, or lying down, but it is better done while lying down. To do this, you have to squeeze your butt and hold it together for a very long time as possible. If you have the endurance you can make last as much 5 minutes for 1 set but randomly you should aim to do each squeeze for minimum of 1 minute. The more you do this the better, however your goal should be to do these butt squeezes for 5 minutes a day minimum.

You have no excuse not to do this exercises, you can even do this while watching television, if you have the preservance to it consistently each night for 30 minutes, which would help you get massive changes in your body.

Mini-trampoline Jumping

This is a great exercise for developing a tight sexy butt very fast. It is very simple just jump a little on the mini-trampoline. It is not about jumping very high, it is about how many times you go. Be focused on the rebounding every jumps. You will be surprised that jumping as little as an inch could work immensely.

Squats on the Wall

Again, you can try simple exercise. Just get a wall and place your back straight against it. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and close to 18 inches from the wall. Now try to squat down as low as you can (the lower you go, the better and tighter your butt gets) Persistence is very importance, try this several times a day and I assure you the result will be tremendous. You should aim to do a minimum of 10 sets of 10 repetitions. But, if it seem very difficult start out with 3 sets of 7-10 repetitions.

There are many other effective exercises that can be done at home, with little or no equipment and If you work out 4 or 5 times weekly. Your butt will surely get tighter and firmer notwithstanding your age.

However, if you feel you may not be determined or disciplined enough to do this exercises then you should reach out for professional help by enrolling for gym classes. A quality gym should have special classes for buttocks and abdominals. It will also be motivating to seeing other people working out.

Lastly, your diet also matters a lot. Eat healthy natural food and increase the protein intake. When you eat fish, meat, eggs and milk you will get a lot of protein in them and also vegetables. Stay away from junk food, it will make you unhealthy and fat. However, ironically, you need to add a little fat to your booty to be tighter, rounder, and sexier shape. The only way to create this balance is through exercises.

A little fat in your booty and some strong muscles will give you that sexy butt you desire.

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I am 50 how can I make my booty high and tight?

Should I exercise even when I don’t feel like it?

Best exercise tipsSometimes you feel like you don’t want to work out. You are tired, and your muscle aches like hell. Should you still go on and exercise. The truth is, consistency in a physical workout is the key to getting the results you want. There will always be days when your body doesn’t want to do it, but you still have to do it. Here are some of the reasons why you still need to exercise even when you don’t feel like it.


Workout makes you feel good
Almost everything good is hard at the start, including virtually every exercise session. Have you had a quarrel with your colleagues or lover and you are looking for something to fill up the worry? Try lifting some weight, and you will soon find yourself feeling jolly good.

Time should not be a problem
one of the reasons why people miss workout routines is because of lack time. They think that every workout time must be between the stipulated standard acceptable time of between 15mins to 30mins. This is not true. If you can afford to spend 15mins how about 4mins. It is better you exercise than to do nothing at all.

Exercise give you more energy
Not exercising your body at the beginning of the day might lead to fatigue throughout the rest of the day, thereby robbing you of the much-needed energy. This happens most often during the cold day, with the fear of living the rest of the day in pains. Working out can help you get more energy and boost your self-confidence for the day.

You are bored, and you know it
Boredom is real, and it can ruin almost everything in your life, including your exercise regimen. If you find yourself super bored, the chances are that you might not want to engage in hardcore exercise that requires more energy and vigor. In this situation, you can escape by switching to another simple exercise like Pilates, Zumba, yoga or walking workouts.

You need to burn calorie
Every day, you eat something that adds to your calorie build up and drive you closer to obesity and overweight. It is important to know that regular exercise is the only way for you to keep these calories out of your system and maintain the body shape you desired. Reminding yourself of this responsibility should be enough to make you fall back in line and workout even when you don’t want to.

Exercise help you sleep better
Even if you are not doing it for weight loss, remember other benefits you get from a regular workout, like better sleep. Exercise helps you relax your muscles and organs, open up your blood vessels and increase your mental alert. Good exercise helps you sleep better at night, and sleep is one of the most significant activities needed to maintain good health.

Should you exercise when you don’t feel like it? Yes, you should. It is a moral duty to keep yourself going and encourage others around you never to allow tiredness rob them of their precious health.

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Should I exercise even when I don’t feel like it?

Quality foods that promote low inflammation

Inflammation is good for the body. But sometimes, it goes out of control and begins to behave badly. Scientists have linked inflammation to heart diseases, and cancers, just to mention a few. You can get rid of inflammation by only consuming foods that are naturally endowed with the capacity to fight inflammation or discourage it to the minimal. Here is a list of foods you should give a try.

Quality Food for your health

Green leafy vegetables

To successfully fight inflammation; you need to consume food with plenty of anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Green leafy vegetables and certain types of fruits are packed with flavonoids that can eliminate inflammation in your body. Some vegetables also contain vitamins A, C, and K, which can protect your brain against the effects of oxidative stress. If you are not used to eating vegetables, you can make them into juice, mixing it with delicious fruits.

Fish with fats

You should consider eating oily fish like tuna, sardines, and Salmons, because of their high omega-3 fatty acids content. By eating fish several times a week, you supply your body with a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to fight inflammation and reduce the risk of heart diseases.


This large berry containing a single seed is packed with healthy fats that are mainly monosaturated fats. The monosaturated fats in avocados help reduce inflammation, maintain blood pressure and improve the health of your arteries. You can add avocados to your lunch and or eat it with salad.


Certain nuts like almonds are known to be rich in fiber and inflammatory fighting ingredients like calcium and vitamin E. You can also try out walnuts, packed with omega-3 fats, and other anti-inflammatory agents that can help fight inflammation and reduce the adverse effects of it.


This colorful and very popular veggie is also useful for reducing inflammation in your body. Tomatoes contain a large amount of lycopene, which is very useful in eliminating inflammation throughout the body, especially in the lungs. You can consume tomatoes raw, in juice form or as tomato sauce. But cooked tomato has more lycopene than the fresh tomatoes.


This delicious fruit contains bromelain, known for its ability to fight against inflammation in the body. Bromelain also has immune-regulating abilities that allow it to regulate immune response that usually leads to inflammation in the body. Pineapple also contains vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium, and manganese, which act as antioxidants that fight blood clotting and reduce heart diseases.


Turmeric contains an active ingredient known as curcumin that turn of NF-kappa B, a protein that triggers the process of inflammation. Curcumin is also a painkiller and is known to benefit the digestive system by fighting indigestion and bloating. You can add turmeric to your stew, vegetable juice, and curries.

Inflammation can be very painful, discomforting and can lead to other infections if not eliminated. To get rid of inflammation and live a healthy life, indulge yourself in consuming tomatoes, nuts, turmeric, green leafy vegetables, etc. They are packed with natural ingredients with the power to heal.

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Quality foods that promote low inflammation